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Installed Power-Saver in Celina, TX

Posted on August 8, 2009

In Celina, TX a customer of ours wanted a Power-Saver unit installed next to their electrical panel / breaker box.  The also wanted another GFI outlet / plug installed.

New lighting installed in Little Elm, TX

Posted on August 8, 2009

An existing customer in Little Elm called us out to replace some light fixtures in his house.  We installed a new plug / outlet in the house a new security light in place of the coach light, and two new security light fixtures with wiring.  And a outlet / plug for a wine celler.  He […]

Power_Saver for existing customer

Posted on August 8, 2009

An existing customer that moved to Kaufman has ordered a Power-Saver unit for her home in Kaufman.  After watching the video, she is excited to get it installed and see what her saving will be every month.

Commercial property in Frisco had no lights.

Posted on August 8, 2009

We were called by a new commercial customer in Frisco, next to Little Elm, because they were getting ready to open and their track lighting stopped working and they wanted to replace a light switch with a dimmer switch.  We got out there before they opened and fixed the track lighting and replace the switch […]

Door bell not working in Frisco, TX

Posted on August 8, 2009

We were called out by an existing customer in Frisco, TX because his door bell button was not working. We replaced the button and it worked fine.  He also wanted us to replace the door bell chime to a new one that he likes better.  Along with replacing the door bell chime he also wanted […]

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