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Smoke Detectors

Posted on February 2, 2013

Time To Get Those Batteries Changed or Units Replaced!   Do you need all new batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Or if your units are old or defective it may be time to replace them. It’s that time again.  Time to replace all the batteries in the Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide […]

Taking Care Of All Your Electrical Needs!

Posted on February 2, 2013

Light It Up Electric can help you with everything electrical around your home or business. From re-wiring with service upgrades, installing fixtures and appliances that you provide, to installing accent and security lighting, we do it all.  We are experts at creating personalized environments with touches of lighting whether it’s to beautify, modernize or simply […]

Creating A Fire Escape Plan For Your Family

Posted on December 12, 2012

Chances are you will never need to use your fire escape plan, but it is important to have one for your family, especially if you have children. Creating a fire escape plan for your family and smoke alarms gives you the ability to get out in the case of a fire. I found some great advice on the National Fire Safety Association website…

Family Home Fire Safety

Posted on July 7, 2012

Family Home Fire Safety, here are some ideas from the U.S. Fire Administration to help keep your family safe. Talking with your children and teaching them about safety is very important. Young children will need you to go the extra mile to make your home safe for them and older children benefit greatly by being included in home exit strategies and the importance of smoke alarms and how to properly use appliances, especially in the kitchen.