Your Guide to Electrical Spring Cleaning

Posted on March 3, 2019

Spring Cleaning time is here with summer right around the corner!

Let us help you protect your family from electrical hazards, and protect your budget from unexpected issues resulting from neglectful, outdated electrical maintenance. Here at Light It Up Electric, we are a dedicated family company, holders of the Master Electrician License, armed with all the knowledge and cutting edge technology to save you a world of trouble! An easy choice for your electrical spring cleaning


We prepared a spring cleaning list, so you can get a leg up on your annual electrical inspection:

Light bulbs-

A major cause of home fires is the misuse of light bulbs. It is important to check the wattage of the bulb and make sure that it meets the recommended wattage for whatever appliance is in question. If a bulb has too high of wattage, it can cause some serious damage!

Smoke detectors-

Old smoke detectors can accumulate dust and debris that can prevent them from working properly giving you false alarms, and delayed real ones. You can clean them by gently vacuuming them, but more importantly, check the date of the smoke detectors’ manufacturing and replace the batteries.

Light switches-

It is important that you check for discolored and/or warm light switches. This can indicate faulty outlets that are at high risk for fire and dangerously exposed currents.

Extension cords-

The concern around old extension cords is that they are often abused and misplaced, making them unreliable and unsafe over time. Make sure your extension cords don’t run across floors, aren’t nailed to walls, and are properly stored. Get rid of the old ones!

Schedule an Inspection-

It is very important to take precautions of checking the small appliances in your home. However, you still need a professional to give your home a clean bill of health. You can get a free consultation and estimate with Light It Up Electric, protecting your safety and the value of your home.