What a Bad Electrician Looks Like

Posted on December 12, 2013

electricianWe’ve covered what a good electrician should look like in a previous blog post, but you’re not fully prepared to tackle the world of Electricity if you don’t also know what you should not be looking for. Understanding what you shouldn’t be looking for is equally as important as understanding what you need to be looking for. There’s a long list for both of these in reality, but the biggest factors that play into how you can tell a good electrical serviceman from a bad one are pretty simple. There’s really no magical formula, just a good work ethic and honest business practices. Here are some of the things that a good electrical serviceman won’t do.

He’ll Make Promises That He Can’t Keep

Most of the time, your servicemen will intend well, but take those intentions too far. Good intentions are useless if actual results vary from what was promised. Your serviceman needs to be realistic from the get-go before you can trust him fully. One of the signs of a good electrician is when he can be honest about his work, what he’s doing, and how long it may take. The results of that repair need to be completely clear beforehand as well. Many times the electrical serviceman will take his promises too far, and he begins to spin a fairy tale to the dismay of the customer. This takes away trust and removes the important relatability aspect of the client-serviceman relationship. Don’t go for a service that promises unrealistic things. There’s no point to that. Instead, go with reliable and trustworthy Electricians who knows what they’re doing.

He’ll Sell Himself As A Fast-Working Serviceman

Any serviceman that takes his work seriously knows that speed is one of the least important factors in getting the job done. Sure, it can affect the customer’s experience, but most customers would prefer that you do the job correctly instead of speedily. There is always a trade off for speed and quality, and the best serviceman won’t spend time telling you how quick it will be. He’ll simply tell you the truth and make the repair happen as efficiently as possible. The serviceman you want to avoid will tell you how quick the repair will be finished. This isn’t the type of serviceman that you want working on your home.

He Doesn’t Arrive On Time

If he takes his job seriously, he’s going to be punctual. However, many times, the worst servicemen in the electrical repair industry can’t seem to manage getting to their destination anytime close to their approximated time of arrival. This is a bad sing. The first step towards gaining one’s business is keeping the promises you make to them. This is the first promise, what time you’ll be arriving, and when an electrician, or anyone else for that matter, breaks the first promise, it’s all down-hill from there.

(Photo courtesy of Editor B-Flickr.com)