What “The Right Electrician For You” Actually Looks Like

Posted on November 11, 2013

unknown_electricianWe’ve all heard it said before, “Oh, you just haven’t found the right electrician for you!” From friends and family in response to your electrical woes, to the sales pitches of electricians that have visited your home in the past, that phrase is everywhere these days. This idea of personalization isn’t always going to ring true for everybody, so to some, the real question is “What will he look like when I see him?”

We’re here to answer that question for you. Not only does Light It Up Electric feature the expertise needed to KNOW what that electrician needs to look like, but we can give you a couple pointers the next time you’re looking for one you can trust.

Accuracy Over Speed

Your electrician should never be touting that he or she can repair your electrical woes, once and for all, “In no time.” Not only is this unrealistic to begin with, but even if the exaggeration were taken down a notch, you’re still left with a serviceman that cares more about selling their abilities at going fast, and not concerned so much with explaining the process and ensuring you that QUALITY will be present. That’s the key word here. Is quality and accuracy being jeopardized for the sake of speed? We sure hope not; for your sake. Sadly, this is the approach that many servicemen in many different fields like to take. Is it bad if an electrician can be there quickly, and do what you need in a jiffy? Of course not! But one who makes it their platform won’t be someone you should be considering anytime soon for electrical repairs.

Experience in The Industry

Your Electrician should have at least a minimal time in the industry. The last thing you want working on your wires is a rookie with nothing to back up his claims. This is a recipe for a disaster. Instead, your electrician should be well rounded in his niche, and comfortable with the job he’s performing for you. Only then can you be sure of quality results. And quality results are where it’s at these days.

Track Record of Success

Your electrician should have a history of successful electrical jobs and operations. This is a clue as to what he can accomplish for you. That’s something that people can’t fabricate, and a quality recommendation can go a long way. Without this, you could be left with a person with good intentions, but no real qualifications, and certainly no way to prove their grit.