3 Ways to Protect Your Child from Electric Shock

Posted on November 11, 2013

shockingWe’ve all heard about those little boys who curiously stick their fingers into the light socket, and pull them out to find that the electrical current is both thrilling, and not so thrilling. Well Light It Up Electric’s name is just referring to your light bulbs, not your loved ones. And because of that, we’ve included 3 ways you can prepare your family and home for curious children who don’t know any better.

Your body is an electrical conductor itself. There is electricity running through you, and with every move you make, there is an equal electrical current that runs through your entire being. With that being said, electricity is always seeking the easiest way to get to the ground, and because our bodies are made up of about 65% water to begin with, our entire bodies make excellent conductors where electricity can course through a person in literal seconds. Electrical shock can cause an entire assortment and range of effects in a person, and they range from mild discomfort to death. This serious issue can be dealt with by using these 3 great tricks:

Close All Open Wall Sockets

Many families allow the open wall sockets left over from a recent electrical job or construction on the house to determine the safety of their children. Those sockets should be covered up and ready for safe use at the end of the construction period. Without sealing them up and putting the open wires back where they belong, you may be giving a child the opportunity to be electrically shocked! We advocate being up to date with the condition of your home to make sure that things like that don’t happen.

Install Plastic Outlet Caps in Your Home

Plastic outlet caps can be one of the safest things to install for your home with children around. Those caps can fit securely into the holes of the socket, easily taken out by an adult, but barely even noticed by a toddler. They are perfect for making sure your child cannot get to the electrical outlets in your home. To you, they are a minor step to plugging something in, but to your child, he or she will have a much more difficult time in getting those caps off.

Educate Your Children About Electricity

Sitting down with your child to explain the concepts of electrical shock and the methods of avoiding it is crucial. Your children need to know how to plug, unplug, and operate electrical outlets. Keeping abreast of your child’s knowledge about this crucial subject will help you get your home as safe as possible for your child. Don’t hesitate to make your home as safe as possible for your children! If you require assistance, Light It Up Electric is always here to lend a hand.