Outdoor Holiday Lights

Posted on November 11, 2012

It’s that time again! Time to decorate your home with outdoor holiday lights. I have put together some great ideas for making your holiday the merriest ever.

Did you know that now you can purchase Energy Star LED lights? Yes, and they use way less electricity than the standard lights we have always used. If you are considering purchasing new lights this year you’ll want to check these out. Besides saving you up to 90% on electricity they also offer home safety because they burn cooler.

Another great idea is putting your holiday lights on timers. You can set them to come on before you get home from work; and be greeted by a beautiful display. And you can set them to go off automatically at night, this will save you money.

How about getting creative with lights in your landscape? They have nets that you can put over your shrubs and you can wrap strings of lights around your tree trunks and tree limbs to add a beautiful touch to your display. One thing we have done in the past is outlining the beds with lights. You can purchase metal stakes that hold the lights in place. This ideas is especially wonderful if you can see the beds from the inside of the house. The ones we did were in the back yard next to the fence and we had a great view out the back windows all month long.

Here are a few more outdoor lighting ideas to keep you safe this season. Only work on your outdoor lighting display in dry weather. Be sure you use exterior extension cords and bulbs. Keep all electrical connections off the ground. Don’t use more than three sets of standard incandescent lights with one extension cord. Be sure to plug your lights into circuits protected by ground fault circuit interrupters.

If you still want more ideas check out these other ideas for holiday lighting.

We love the holiday season and we wish you the most joyful and peaceful season ever!

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