Electrical Emergencies – How To Respond

Posted on November 11, 2012

Electricity has become very important to our society, but it can be very dangerous, and even deadly. I found this post about electrical emergencies – how to respond…

Did you know that a 6-watt light night light carries enough current to be fatal?

“Electrocutions rank FOURTH (9%) in causes of industrial FATALITIES (behind traffic, violence and construction). The National Safety council estimates 600 people die every year of electrical causes. Most of these accidents involve low voltage (600 volts or less).

Roughly 3,600 disabling electrical contact injuries occur every year in the United States, along with another 4,000 non-disabling injuries.”

In case of accidental shock, don’t touch the person, don’t use anything conductive to get the person free and don’t touch anyone who has become grounded.

Call for 911 for help if the person is unconscious, confused, has slurred or slow speach, or has burns or lacerations.

If the situation calls for it, turn the power off, get help if needed. Move the victim to safety if no back or neck injuries are possible. If you are trained give necessary first aid. If unconscious turn the victim on his/her side, keep the person lying down, cover the person to maintain body heat and stay with the person until help arrives.

Many symptoms of being shocked are delayed, it is important to go to a medical facility for evaluation.

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