Green Banks – What Are They?

Posted on October 10, 2012

Here’s something really exciting, Green Banks.  Have you heard of this?  These banks make green loans available for projects that conventional banks won’t finance, such as a solar home equity financing loan.

Green Banks are community banks which offer you “banking with your values”.  These banks invest in local communities, offer personal relationships, and often better interest rates on checking accounts.  They use your funds on projects that build healthy communities, helping small businesses and investing in affordable housing.

While many forms of renewable energy are becoming more cost effective, it can be hard for many of these industries to find financing for their businesses.  Many believe the new trend, Green Banks, will provide a solution.

“In March of 2010, the Global Alliance for Banking on Values was launched by 11 of the world’s leading sustainable banks. The banks, which have assets of over $10 billion and serve over seven million customers in 20 countries, are working together to build a positive alternative to the global financial system.”

These lenders understand sustainability and green building and will provide better terms for loans to green builders and sustainable businesses. By operating as sustainably as possible, investing back into the sustainable business community, and supporting the local and “green” economy, customers can feel good about depositing and banking with Green Banks.

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