New Source For Generating Green Electricity

Posted on September 9, 2012

There’s a team of researchers at the University of Minnesota’s College of Science and Engineering who have come up with a new source for generating green electricity. ¬†The research is still very new but the idea is that they have found an alloy material that can turn exhaust emitted from your car and air conditioner units, etc. into electricity.

Researchers are excited about their work because it is an entirely new way to conserve energy that’s never been done before and it produces no carbon dioxide. They report that research in the fields of engineering, physics, materials, chemistry, mathematics and others have come together to produce this new way of thinking.

“During a small-scale demonstration in a University of Minnesota lab, the new material created by the researchers begins as a non-magnetic material, then suddenly becomes strongly magnetic when the temperature is raised a small amount. When this happens, the material absorbs heat and spontaneously produces electricity in a surrounding coil. Some of this heat energy is lost in a process called hysteresis. A critical discovery of the team is a systematic way to minimize hysteresis in phase transformations. The team’s research was recently published in the first issue of the new scientific journal Advanced Energy Materials.”

I love to hear that researchers are finding new ways to create electricity…our future is bright…

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