Awesome Lighting Photos And Ideas

Posted on September 9, 2012

As I was searching around the web today I ran across a site that has awesome lighting photos and ideas!  There are hundreds of photos to view and they are categorized by indoor, outdoor, rooms, colors, etc.  If you love light like we do you know how important lighting is to room design.

You can also view videos and look at photos to learn how to find the best lighting for every room, romantic home lighting, kitchen lighting design tips and more. Yes, they have photos and videos other than lighting, but the lighting ones are our favorites.

So, whether you want to browse designer kitchens, make a lighting statement, or learn how to blend lighting types, here’s a great place to find some answers.  This and other sites like it are great places to get ideas for your own home or office lighting.

Here’s the website, you may recognize it, enjoy!

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