Home Electricity Safety for Children

Posted on August 8, 2012

We want your children to be super safe with electricity. Here are a few really good precautions to teach young children so that they can be safe with electricity..

Hair dryers and water can be very dangerous! Never use a hair dryer near water and never place a hair dryer in water. If you see a hair dryer or any other electrical appliance in or near water, stay away and go tell your parents or an adult!

Only electrical plugs should be put into electrical outlets. Never place anything else into an electrical socket, it may shock you or start a fire! Check with your parents or an adult before plugging anything into an electrical outlet.

Flying a kite near any kind of overhead wires is very dangerous! The overhead wires could shock the kite, the electricity would then travel down the kite’s string and shock you! Before you fly a kite ask your parents or an adult if it is safe to fly the kite in that area.

Never put a fork or anything else into the toaster to get the toast out. The fork can take electricity from the toaster and shock you! If there is something stuck inside the toaster, unplug it and go get your parents or an adult for help.

Never put anything on top of an electrical cord. Placing objects on top of power cords can damage them, causing power shortages or even fires!

Never put anything on top of or inside a lamp shade. Lamps use electricity to make light and can get very hot! If things get to close to a hot lamp they can catch on fire! The lamp shade acts as the lamp’s safety zone. Nothing should be inside this safety zone.

Pulling the toy by the power cord can damage the toy’s electrical system by breaking the connection where the cord meets the toy and cause danger when it is plugged in! If any toy looks like it has a broken power cord, don’t plug it in! You may get shocked if you do! Take the toy to your parents or an adult to have them make sure the toy is safe to play with.

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