Allen & Plano Electrical Remodeling

Posted on October 10, 2011

Many people make their resolutions to get healthier at the beginning of the year, but any time of the year is a great time to start working on your fitness goals! If you prefer to work out privately in your Plano or Allen home and have the space to spare, installing a home gym can be a great option. For those who love to walk or run, investing in a treadmill is a must. Along with this you should also install a dedicated circuit. Having a dedicated plug for your treadmill circuit will eliminate the possibility of the treadmill tripping breaker. At the least a treadmill overloading your electrical system could be a nuisance, at the worst it could be a potential fire hazard. Better to play it safe and install a dedicated outlet for your treadmill.

Do you enjoy working out with videos? Workout DVD’s have become increasingly popular over the last several years, with several options that appeal to men as well as women. To make the most of your in-home workouts, consider installing flat panel TV plugs and mounting, as well as media room lighting. Good lighting has been shown to help improve people’s moods, so having a well-lit workout area will certainly make it more likely that you’ll perform your workouts regularly.

If you would like to turn your basement or unused room into the ultimate home gym, our team at Light It Up Electric will be glad to help. You can reach our Master Electrican at We will set up an appointment and come to you in Plano, Allen, or elsewhere in the north Dallas area to discuss your electrical needs. Find us elsewhere on the internet at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. When you’re ready, we’ll come to you and give you a free estimate of all work to be done.