Plano / Allen Electrician

Posted on September 9, 2011

First impressions matter a great deal in business, and how you choose to light your Plano or Allen business can go a long way in attracting new customers. If you are still settling for fluorescent tube lights, allow your eyes to be opened to a whole new world of lighting possibilities. Consider installing a chandelier mounting in your front entrance. To help make things more comfortable, one or more ceiling fans mounting can help circulate the air. Depending on the ceiling fan you choose, it can also add ambiance to your office. Lighting fixtures come in a wide variety. Consider pendant fixtures, track lighting, recessed lighting and canister lighting as some great options.

To keep your business safe after hours, have security lighting installed. Some options could include motion lighting or a timer switch. If you have a larger business or a campus, landscape lighting and pathway lighting can make your business safer. Keep in mind that criminals love dark areas, and by lighting up the exterior of your business you will make it a less appealing target.

Our Master Electrician has over 10 years of experience in both residential electric and commercial electric. We would be delighted to discuss some options with you on how to make your business more appealing and safer. We will come to you and perform a free estimate for any work to be done, so you’ll know in advance what the bottom line will be. Find us on the web at, or on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We can also be reached via email at Give us a call today!