Addison / Richardson Electricians

Posted on September 9, 2011

Homeowners in Addison and Richardson should be diligent in watching for signs of electrical problems, especially if their residence is an older home. When a breaker keeps tripping repeatedly, it may be time to call Light It Up Electric to send out an insured and licensed technician for a trouble shooting visit. Other signs that all may not be right with the wiring in a house include any smoke occurring around plugs in the outlets, lights dimming or flickering, and inconsistent switches, which may signal a loose connection.

Residents of Richardson and Addison who notice any of these signs of residential electrical malfunctions should take immediate action to prevent fires and make sure that their family home is secure. Light It Up Electric will not only send an expert in electrical repair to assess the situation, but they will also offer a free estimate for any needed service upgrade. In most cases, a complete breaker box upgrade is not needed, but our master electrician will check all of the plugs, switches, outlets, breakers, and lighting ballast to determine if the electrical system in the home has any major problems.

If any electrical issues are found, whether in the dedicated circuits and plugs, or in the GFI outlets, the employees of Light It Up Electric will work diligently to remedy the problem. Our company believes in delivering the highest quality electrical repair service to those living in the Addison and Richardson communities, and we have may satisfied customers who will happily recommend us. Our rating with the Better Business Bureau reflects our honesty and dedication to excellence. If electrical concerns are keeping you up at night, drop us a note at We want to take part of the burden for your familyā€™s safety, and electrical repair is one of our specialties.