Plano / Allen Electricial Inspection

Posted on August 8, 2011

Light It Up Electric cares about the safety of our customers in the Plano and Allen areas, and our desire is to keep the electrical components in their homes and businesses in excellent working order. Our insured and licensed servicemen are well-versed in all electrical codes, and our company will be happy to send a master electrician to check for any electrical problems. A thorough inspection of all plugs, outlets, breakers, and switches may result in preventing a future electrical disaster. This type of trouble shooting may be especially cost effective for our commercial customers.

It is especially important for breaker problems to be corrected as soon as possible. A breaker tripping may signal a major electrical problem so residential and commercial customers should both be wary if this is occurring on a regular basis. If a breaker box upgrade is needed, the technicians at Light It Up Electric are equipped to do the work in the shortest time possible. Dedicated circuits and plugs are also vitally important, and Plano and Allen homeowners should keep theirs checked for proper functioning in order to prevent electrical overloads.

Home electrical wiring can be compromised by aging, animals, or weather, so owners in Plano and Allen should consider periodic inspections to protect their families. Contact Light It Up Electric today by sending us an email at