Richardson & Addison saving money with fans!

Posted on July 7, 2011

Light It Up Electric would like to help our customers living in Addison or Richardson stay cooler this summer and save on their electric bills. One way to do this is with an attic fan electrical installation. Once our licensed and insured technicians finish this project, the home should be significantly cooler because the fan rids the attic of heated air while providing a gently circulating breeze throughout the lower level. This means that residents of Addison and Richardson can open their windows and use their air conditioning systems less often.

Our company also offers ceiling fans mounting for homes without these economical devices. Ceiling fans keep the air moving, which makes the skin feel much cooler. They are particularly effective on porches during the hot summer months and may even discourage insects. The master electrician at Light It Up Electric can quickly replace current lighting with lighted indoor or outdoor ceiling fans. Although this is a simple change, it will make the summer heat much less troublesome.

To explore other specialties performed by the highly trained electrical repair crew at Light It Up Electric, check out our company web site at We will send someone out to discuss your needs and offer a free estimate before the services are performed. We can make sure that your house is using energy as efficiently as possible