Frisco & Little Elm Electrical Wiring

Posted on July 7, 2011

Building a new house can be an exciting task! It can be fun to pick out the carpets, wall treatments, light fixtures, and so on. In an effort to keep the construction affordable, many homeowners will look for ways to cut costs where possible. While going with less expensive options can be okay in some instances, one thing you never want to scrimp on is your choice of an electrician. Choosing who will wire your home for electricity is a very important decision, and it’s definitely not something to be taken lightly. When choosing an electrician you should look for one that has several years of experience in your locale, as well as one who is licensed and insured.

Light It Up Electric offers a full range of residential electrical services. Whether you are looking at simple overhead fixtures throughout the home or an elaborate custom lighting job, our company can safely and beautifully light up your home. Many of our customers are surprised at how affordable our services are. Our Master Electrician will gladly meet with you to discuss your plans, and give you a free estimate of the work to be done. We can install both indoor electrical and outdoor electrical. Email us at to set up an appointment today!