Denton, Corinth, Highland Village Electrical Safety

Posted on July 7, 2011

Homeowners around Highland Village, Corinth, and Denton who are living in older homes should really consider having Light It Up Electric check their plugs, outlets, switches, and other basic electrical components to ensure they are in proper working order. This type of preventative trouble shooting is a great way to keep the family safe. Old, damaged wiring and improperly installed electrical elements are fire hazards. Over time, weather and tiny animals can wreak havoc with some facets of an electrical system.

During a Light It Up Electric service call, it may also be advisable to have other home safety issues resolved. Our licensed and insured electrical technicians can check all the home smoke detectors and do smoke detector battery replacement when needed. This is a simple task that many homeowners in Highland Village, Corinth, and Denton fail to remember, but it is vital to family safety.

Another service which has become popular among the residents of Highland Village, Corinth, and Denton is the installation of a whole house surge suppressor. Because homeowners spend so much money on electronics in this modern age, it makes sense to protect them from power surges that can result in expensive repairs. Call Light It Up Electric today for a free estimate on a surge suppressor that will keep computers and appliances safe from this silent menace. All work is guaranteed