Prosper / McKinney Custom Lighting

Posted on June 6, 2011

There are many ways that you can use lighting to maximize the beauty and functionality of your Prosper or McKinney home. Before your guests even arrive at your home, create a great first impression with landscape lighting, arbor lighting, or tree lighting. Coach lighting is also a standard part of most outdoor electrical systems. Pathway lighting can also be helpful to allow guests to navigate your property more easily. At the entryway of your home, if you have a high overhang, consider installing an outdoor chandelier mounting to make the front door area more welcoming.

Inside the home, pendant fixtures or a ceiling fan mounting can be great options for the front entryway. Wall lighting can be used to accent artwork or knick-knacks on the walls. Many people choose to lighting main gathering areas with track lighting or recessed can lighting, although some opt for a custom lighting job of their own design. Do not overlook the kitchen when lighting your home! A chandelier mounting, under cabinet lighting, and can lights can all be great options in one of the most frequently-used areas of the home. Downstairs many people have chosen to convert their basement into a recreational area, which offers more options for lighting. Media room lighting, complete with a dimmer switch, can help give proper lighting whether watching the big game or a movie. A pool table light can also give added visibility for your pool or billiards table.

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