Lewisville / Flower Mound Security Lighting

Posted on May 5, 2011

Are you concerned about the safety of your family? Crime truly knows no boundaries, and can happen in any neighborhood across America. But there are many ways you can use lighting to keep your home and loved ones safe, and discourage criminals from choosing your house as a target. Security lighting comes in many different styles, and many people choose to use a combination of lighting methods. Families in Lewisville and Flower Mound can choose either simple or elaborate lighting options, or somewhere in between. Some of the simplest lighting is motion lighting. Usually in the form one or two can lights, motion lighting will click on when someone walks in its path. It can help not only deter burglars but also scare off wildlife that could do damage to your home’s landscaping. Another inexpensive option is the installation of a timer switch. When your family is away from home, the timer switch can create the illusion of someone being at home by having lights come on at a predetermined time. Criminals are less likely to target a home if they believe someone is there.

Landscape lightning can also serve as security lighting, but in a more beautiful form. Consider installing an arbor electrical system to light up the trees on your property, and keep potential criminals from hiding in the branches. Other options for outdoor lighting could include pathway lighting and patio electrical. This will not only serve to deter criminals but also make your home more beautiful at night.

Inside the home, there are many things you can do help keep your family safe. Perform smoke alarm battery replacement once a year. When possible leave one or two lights on when you leave the house at night, so that you don’t come home to a dark house upon your return. GFCI outlets and surge protectors can also make your home safer. Light It Up Electric would be glad to discuss the many things we can do to improve safety in your Flower Mound or Lewisville home. Contact us today!