Frisco / Little Elm Electrical Repair

Posted on May 5, 2011

What kind of first impression does your business make? In these tough economic times, attracting new customers is becoming more and more difficult, and it’s important that the first impression a new customer has is a good one. Proper lighting can go a long way to set the tone. Can lights or recessed lighting are a good start, but why stop there? Consider a chandelier mounting for a more dramatic lighting style, or chose some trendy pendant fixtures or track lighting. Larger businesses might consider installing ceiling fans to help better circulate the air. If you have a waiting area, your customers might appreciate a flat panel television to entertain them. Flat panel TV plugs and mounting can be easily installed to make your guests more comfortable.

Don’t neglect the safety of your customers as well! Be sure to install smoke detectors and perform a smoke alarm battery replacement regularly, usually about once a year. A breaker box upgrade can help ensure that your electrical system is up to current code. Small businesses also sometimes consider a generator installation to keep their necessary electrical appliances going. Security lighting is also important to help keep your business secure after hours.

Light It Up Electric has experience servicing business in Frisco, Little Elm, and the surrounding areas. We are licensed and insured and boast an Accredited Business rating through the Better Business Bureau. Our Master Electrician and his team can take care of all commercial electrical needs, big or small. We can even perform small jobs such as door bell repair! Find us on the internet on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, or on our own website at Email us at to arrange an appointment. We will come to your site and perform a free estimate for all necessary work. Contact us today to see what we can do for your business!