Electrical Remodel in Carrollton & Farmers Branch

Posted on May 5, 2011

Is it time to consider remodeling that old bathroom and replacing it with a lovely, modernized version? If so, residents in Carrollton and Farmers Branch may need the assistance of the licensed and insured electricians who work for Light It Up Electric. These courteous professionals know all of the electrical codes and are highly experienced in their field. Although homeowners in Carrollton and Farmers Branch might like to save money by doing this project themselves, the safety of the family should be the top priority.

The electrical wiring in today’s bathrooms is much more complicated than it was in the past. At one time, most baths in Carrollton and Farmers Branch might actually have been placed on the same electrical circuit as other rooms in the house, including the power hungry kitchen. Because family’s today place a greater load on their bathroom circuit, with the installation of steam showers, heated flooring, canned lights, and whirlpool baths, most no longer share an electrical circuit at all.

The goal of the National Electric code is safety, and the technicians at Light It Up Electric are extremely knowledgeable about current specifications. When homeowners in Carrollton and Farmers Branch remodel their bathroom, they will need to install GFIC outlets. These will protect their families from the danger of combining water and electricity by automatically stopping the flow of energy when an electrical appliance is dropped into the sink, tub, or shower. A 20-amp rated electrical circuit must be installed in all baths, and a GFIC outlet should be placed at least three inches from the outside edge of the sink.

These types of requirements, which are necessary for safety, may be a bit complicated for do-it-yourselfers around Carrollton and Farmers Branch. It may be best to call the professionals at Light It Up Electric for help. Our prices are reasonable; our service guaranteed, and we have a great record with the Better Business Bureau. Call us today for a free estimate!