Addison / Richardson Exhaust Fans Installed

Posted on May 5, 2011

Many homeowners in the Addison and Richardson area believe that bathroom exhaust fans are installed to prevent unpleasant odors from this room from invading the rest of the house or office. While it is true that this is an important function of a bathroom exhaust fan, it also aids in humidity control to keep mirrors and windows from fogging, and because some exhaust fans come with a heater, they can also help maintain an agreeable temperature in a room where people are more scantily clad than normal.

When a bathroom exhaust fan goes on the blink, or if an older home has never had one, it is time for the residents of Addison and Richardson to contact the professional electricians at Light It Up Electric to remedy this situation. Our insured and licensed master electrician has the knowledge and skills to troubleshoot the exhaust fan electrical components and return it to working order quickly. Exhaust fan installation could require a breaker box upgrade, but our employees are trained to do a panel upgrade when necessary.

Addison and Richardson homeowners should consider the ramifications of delaying service for exhaust fan repair or installation. When excess moisture builds up in the bathroom, conditions become more favorable for the growth of mold and mildew. Excessive moisture, over a short period of time, can also cause peeling wallpaper or bubbling paint. A correctly installed exhaust fan can also prevent expensive wooden flooring in the homes near Addison and Richardson from warping.

Let Light It Up Electric, a company that has proven to provide safe commercial and residential repairs and installations for over ten years, help prevent this type of damage. Addison and Richardson residents can visit us online at or call to schedule an exhaust fan electrical service or installation before the summer heat hits its peak. We promise the work will be done to the owner’s satisfaction and have a record with the Better Business Bureau that proves it.