Plano & Allen Electrician

Posted on April 4, 2011

Spring is a great time to have a safety inspection to ensure that all electrical components of your home have survived the storms and pests of winter. At Light It Up Electric, our highly trained and licensed technicians often see wire damage done by rats or squirrels in attics around Plano and Allen that, if left unrepaired could lead to electrical fires. Older homes may also have wiring that requires some electrical troubleshooting.

Residents in Plano and Allen might also consider having all of their plugs and switches checked to make sure they are working properly. Some homeowners may have added new appliances to the home without doing a breaker box upgrade. An overload of this type can cause breaker tripping, but a panel upgrade done by the courteous electricians at Light It Up Electric can solve this problem in one day’s time. Why deal with the frustration caused by an inadequate electrical system when a service upgrade is just a phone call away?

Light It Up Electric will always provide a free estimate before any service is performed so there are no surprises for the customer. Our company is an insured member of the Better Business Bureau in Plano and Allen, and we are proud of our record. We want all of the residents to feel confident that our company is concerned about their electrical repair needs, whether they are commercial or residential. Whether the service required is smoke detector battery replacement or the installation of a whole house surge protector, no electrical repair job is too large or small.

Contact Light It Up Electric today with any questions or service requests. This can be done through an email to, through our website at, or through a simple phone call to the office. Having the electrical components of your house checked this spring could save heartache from greater damage in the future.