Plano & Allen Electrical

Posted on April 4, 2011

With summer just around the corner, residents in the area around Plano and Allen are beginning to take getting into shape more seriously. In fact, just the thought of squeezing into skimpier summer clothing has caused many concerned citizens in Plano and Allen to call Light It Up Electric because of a treadmill tripping breaker. This electrical repair was easily handled by one of our licensed and insured residential servicemen who installed special treadmill circuit to take care of the problem.

While our master electrician was on site, the customer also asked if he could install a new tanning bed that he had purchased for his wife’s birthday. Since other appointments had been scheduled in Plano and Allen at a later time, this was a job that could be squeezed into the gap, and our employee was happy to help out. He quickly installed a new tanning bed outlet that would work for the new tanning bed plug. The customer was so satisfied with this work that he made an appointment for our employee to return next week to give a free estimate for several other services.

He had decided that having an attic fan installed might help with the constant summer heat in Plano and Allen and reduce his electric bills considerably. He had heard that Light It Up Electric specialized in such installations and wanted to know if the cost of such a project would be worth it in the long run. Our electrician assured him the savings would be substantial, but after taking a quick look at the breaker box suggested that a breaker box upgrade might be needed before adding any more circuits to the load. The customer was thankful for the advice and excited about the possibility of a cooler home this summer. He insisted that he felt secure contracting with a company that is a member of the Better Business Bureau and planned to use Light It Up Electric for all of his future lighting and electrical repair needs.