So Many Lighting Options for you Highland Village, Corinth or Denton homes

Posted on March 3, 2011

Most older homes have just a simple light fixture in the center of the room, but today you don’t have to settle this with so many other options available. For instance, you can have multiple light sources with recessed lighting or canister lighting scattered across the ceiling in the pattern of your choice. Or add some pendant fixtures or chandelier mounting in a section of a room to create a conversation center. Wall lighting can also be great for lighting hallways or showing off artwork. Even a unique ceiling fan mounting can provide a light source while circulating the air and keeping things cool. Canister lights can be used to spotlight a focal point in the room, like a fireplace.

Lighting options abound outside as well. Coach lighting, the simple fixtures that adorn most of America’s driveways and front doors, is a great place to start. Also consider outdoor can lights to spotlight the architecture of your home. Pathway lighting can make your home more welcoming to guests and also help them navigate your property in the dark. If you have stairs in your front or back yard, consider installing recessed lighting to make them easier to see. Lighting outside the house can also be used to help keep your home safe. Motion lighting is a common source of security lighting, and can illuminate a dark area of your property if a prowler or animal crosses the path of the sensor.

Light It Up Electric gives homeowners in Highland Village, Corinth, and Denton many options to improve the comfort and value of their home. We would be delighted to arrange an appointment to discuss your vision for your home. We offer a free estimate for all work performed. Rest assured that we are an established company, with over ten years of experience servicing homes in the North DFW area. Give us a call today or email us at to schedule an appointment.