Safety begins at home in your Denton, Corinth or Highland Village homes

Posted on March 3, 2011

There are many ways that you can update your electrical system to make your home safer for your family. First, take an inventory of all larger appliances, such as washers and dryers, exercise equipment like treadmills, and even home media centers. Any items that require a larger amount of power to run should be put on their own dedicated circuit. Most home outlets run on a daisy-chain system with one circuit for a room or a few rooms. Larger items could take up much of power ration for an area of the house. This would increase the likelihood of an outage but also not allow the larger item to run at its optimal level. Dedicated plugs can take care of this problem. A surge suppressor is another great way to protect your belongings. A surge suppressor is a must for a computer workstation, but also many homes are opting to install whole house surge suppressors to prevent power surges from ruining their various electrical items. A panel up grade or breaker box upgrade is another way to make your home safer, as all electrical wiring runs to the breaker box. GFI outlets can protect your children from nasty shocks, as they will cut the power in the event that a change in the power flow is detected. And don’t forget about smoke alarms! Smoke detectors should be installed on every floor of your home. Smoke alarm battery replacement is relatively easy and only needs to be done once a year. Many families choose to change batteries on an annual holiday or a family member’s birthday, so they remember to do it every year.

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