Troubleshooting & Repairs

Posted on February 2, 2011

Electrical problems can be frustrating for anyone, but residents of Addison, Richardson, Carrollton, and Farmers Branch can depend on Light It Up Electric for their commercial and residential electrical needs. Light It Up Electric has master electricians who can also meet the every day and emergency needs of homes and businesses in Highland Village, Denton, Corinth, Lewisville, and Flower Mound. Our trustworthy company also services Prosper, McKinney, Allen, Little Elm, Plano, and Frisco, and we provide licensed and insured technicians.

One of the specialties of Light It Up Electric is the installation and repair of a variety of lighting products. These include security lighting, motion lighting, and landscape lighting. Our responsible, well-trained workers can provide track lighting and coach lighting as well. Many of our customers also ask for help with kitchen lighting and are quite pleased with the pantry lighting that we provide. Our workers take extra care to satisfy the customer’s needs, and all services are guaranteed to be done according to code.

Light it Up Electrical can also take care of a customer’s need for specialty items. We have hooked up timers in Richardson, installed a tanning bed plug in Denton, and run a pool table light for a customer in Lewisville. Last week we helped a customer in Corinth improve the appearance of his home for an upcoming party by placing tree lighting in the front yard. In addition, one of our service crews installed dedicated circuits and plugs for a business owner in Prosper and another in Little Elm. Another customer in Richardson asked us to do a spa hook-up and our technicians were able to complete the work in quick order because they are trained in the latest spa electrical procedures.

When dealing with electrical circuits, safety is extremely important. Our technicians take great pride in their troubleshooting and repair ability, often diagnosing difficulties that can save the homeowner or business from spending more money in the future. Most homes and businesses should receive periodic inspections to ensure that all plugs, circuits, outlets, and breakers are functioning properly. If electrical repairs are needed, Light It Up Electric will do the work quickly for a reasonable fee. We can install a new GFI or GFCI plug or mount a new GFCI breaker box, or help customers who need conduit run.

Although our electricians are often busy with electrical troubleshooting and repair in Highland Village and Flower Mound, we do find time to run the occasional treadmill circuit and install a treadmill tripping breaker in the area when needed. Consumers in Plano and Frisco often call to have Light It Up Electric place smoke alarms or for smoke alarm battery replacement services. While our technicians are there, they can also make smaller repairs, such as making a doorbell repair or adding a surge suppressor. Our workmen can even repair dedicated circuits, plugs, and breakers to make sure that our customers stay as safe as possible.

Recently, Light It Up Electric has had several inquiries from local churches and schools about lighting for their staging areas. We are pleased to inform them that our company can help with the installation or repair of surface mount lights and track lighting, including the installation of a dimmer switch. Ceiling fans mounting, vanity lights, and chandelier mounting are all within our capabilities as well. In addition, because these institutions must keep safety at the forefront of their thoughts, our company can do any type of electrical repair that is needed. If they have a breaker trip or have plugs that are beginning to feel warm on the outside, it is time to call us or send a quick note to Keeping people safe inside their homes and businesses is a priority for our company, and we take this mission seriously.

At, potential customers can find further information about our company, which has earned an outstanding rating with the Better Business Bureau. They can also easily find us on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. We plan to give superior service to all of our customers in the area and will provide a master electrician to perform the work when necessary. Contacting Light It Up Electric to troubleshoot and repair problems will result in fast, efficient results every time. We will always stand behind our workmanship so that our customers will return for all their electrical repair needs in the future.