Show off your Addison or Richardson Home

Posted on February 2, 2011

Show off your Addison or Richardson Home

Have you ever driven through a neighborhood at night and there was one house on the block that made you stop and look? Perhaps all the houses in the subdivision were pretty much the same, but this one stood out…it was apparent that the homeowner took great pride in his home. He had invested a little more in the details, and in doing so he set his house apart from the others. Now imagine that it is your home that is making others say, “Wow!” They love what they see on the outside and wonder what the inside of the home looks like, too.

Great lighting can make the difference between a home that is hum-drum and a home that amazes. Homes with great exterior lighting are more inviting and more memorable. When you drive up to a home that’s lit up, you can feel your pulse dropping as you become more relaxed. Everything about the home says, “Come in, I’m so glad you’re here!”

Give your guests a great first impression by calling on our Master Electrician to serve all your outdoor electrical needs. We can install tree lighting, landscape lighting, pathway lighting, and arbor electrical. We can also help your home be secure when you are away with security lighting and motion lighting.

To further the first impression and make the inside of your home as inviting as the outside, we offer a variety of residential electrical services, including chandelier mounting, track lighting, recessed lighting, and wall lighting. Our Master Electrician can also work with you on your custom lighting project.

Because we are an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau you can rest assured that the work will be done right the first time. Our electricians are licensed and insured. Find out how competitive our prices are. Give our business a call or email us at for a free quote today!