Frisco & Little Elm Electricians

Posted on February 2, 2011

If you’re planning to upgrade the lighting in and around your home, Light It Up Electric is the one-stop electrical contractor in Frisco and Little Elm. From backyard landscape lighting to security lighting to can lights, we do it all. You don’t want to trust your home’s or business’s electrical work to just anyone, so that’s why we’re a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Our interior work includes: recessed lighting, chandelier mounting, ceiling fans mounting, can lights, pantry lighting, closet lighting, and nearly any kind of lighting solution you can find in a home. Additionally, if you have a circuit breaker tripping several times a week, we can track down the problem. Sometimes it’s as simple as a breaker box upgrade, putting energy-hungry appliances on their own dedicated circuits.

Light It Up Electric is also your choice if you’re a business owner in Frisco or Little Elm. We do electrical repair as well as new installations, a good thing to know if your company is leasing new space. Your power demands could be much different from the previous tenant’s. Our troubleshooting can track down problems before they happen by performing a panel upgrade, installing a surge suppressor or a dedicated outlet, or even doing a ballast replacement in an overhead fluorescent fixture. As part of our adherence to safety standards, we’ll even check your smoke alarms.

If you or your business rely heavily on a constant stream of information, Light It Up Electric is the one electrical contractor you want on the premises. We can install flat panel TV plugs and mounting, perform media room wiring, and get that coax cable installed

The biggest electrical problems can start with the smallest components. That’s why we take as much care with the installation of switches and plugs as we do with a whole house surge suppressor. Light It Up Electric is licensed and insured and we always provide a free estimate.

We are dedicated to safety and quality in our work.

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