Custom Lighting & Wiring

Posted on February 2, 2011

Exploring the Possibilities in Your Home

One of the benefits of purchasing an older home at a reduced price is having more money left over to make the house over to the way you want it. If you plan on living in a home for many years, it can be a fun to plan out the many details of the home and rework it to suit the way you live. Two major ways that you can make the home your own are by installing custom wiring and custom lighting.

On the outside, there are many possibilities for custom wiring and custom lighting. One option is to bury electrical lines into the ground for landscape lighting. Over the course of several years the landscaping of a home can change, so it’s important to install a transformer large enough to handle your current plans, as well as any possible upgrades in the future. Some homeowners choose to install landscape lighting in phases for budget reasons. This is fine, but be sure to run the power to wherever you might eventually like to add lighting in the first phase. This way, you will not have to disturb the landscaping more than once. Security lighting can also involve custom work, to light up specific dark alleys and walkways for safety purposes.

Inside the home, one simpler customization option is to replace an ordinary overhead light with a unique overhead fan. Fan designs are no longer limited to four or five wooden blades with a few ordinary light bulbs. An unusual ceiling fan can actually be a focal point for the room. There are many different unforgettable styles available. The single blade Enigma fan and Propeller fan may look like they are missing blades, but they are surprisingly efficient in keeping a room cool. Some fans have designs influenced by nature. The Sycamore fan resembles the Sycamore seed pod, while the on Fiore fan the blades surround the light fixture and, like flower petals, they open when the fan is turned on. For homeowners with a more artistic lean, the Artemis fan has unique twisted blades, while the Blow fan houses its light fixture in a cone-shaped opaque canister above its transparent blades.

For those who are more ambitious, there are numerous opportunities for custom lighting around the home. Consider installing recessed lighting on each stair in a staircase to make them easier to navigate. Kitchen lighting options could include cabinet lighting or pantry lighting, to make food preparation tasks easier. In the living room, a homeowner can use accent lighting to show off artwork or book collections. Wall lights can also be used to highlight permanent fixtures, like a fireplace.

In older homes, custom wiring might also be an option for safety reasons. Dedicated outlets are a must for larger electrical appliances in the home. If you have noticed a breaker tripping when larger appliances are switched on, it could be because the appliance is overloading that particular circuit. Rerouting the wiring so that each large appliance has its own dedicated outlet will generally take care of this problem. Dedicated circuits are most commonly run for washer/dryers and larger kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators and dishwashers. The microwave might also have a dedicated circuit, depending on its size. Other possibilities for dedicated circuits could include the home gym, for major equipment like a treadmill. Generator installation is another reason that homeowners might choose to install a custom wiring plan, particularly in older neighborhoods where outages might be more common.

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