Security lights in Plano

Posted on April 4, 2010

A customer in Plano wanted to have 2 security lights installed on both sides of his garage.   There was no power at these location so the Plano home owner didn’t know what to do.

He called us out to install the 2 security light fixture for him.  The electrician was able to pull power from an outlet in the area for the light fixtures.  The electrician installed an electrical box, all electrical wiring, and then installed the security light fixture.  While the electrician was there the Plano resident also had some new outlets / plugs installed, a new pull chain light fixture installed in a closet, and a dimmer to control the living room lights.

If you want to have a light fixture installed in a tough location, give us a call.  We can install the light fixture for you as well as any additional outlets / plugs, and dimmers.  We service Plano, Frisco, Little Elm and all surrounding areas.  Call today.