Plano Ceiling Fans Installed.

Posted on March 3, 2010

An existing customer in Plano called us out to install 2 new ceiling fans that he had purchased.  One of the ceiling fan went into the living room and was replacing the existing ceiling fan that was already there.  While the electrician had the existing ceiling fan down he checked all the wiring and the box located in the ceiling for safety.  Once everything check out safe he then installed the new ceiling fan.  After the ceiling fan was installed he balanced it and made sure the fan and light kit was working properly.  The other fan went into the game room.  The game room did not have the wiring for a ceiling fan or a switch to control the fan or the light on the fan..  The electrician had to run power up in the walls and  across the ceiling to get the power to the location that the customer wanted to have the ceiling fans installed. He also had to run the wiring to the location that the customer wanted the switch that would control the fan and light kit on the fan. He was able to run the wiring with out making big holes in the dry wall.  Once the wiring was in place he installed a box in the ceiling to support the weight of the ceiling fan.  Once the ceiling fans was all wired up be balanced it and made sure that the fan and light kit worked properly.  He then installed 2 switches.  One to control the fan speeds and the other was a dimmer for the light kit.  All the work that was done has a one year warranty.

If you need to have a ceiling fan installed, give us a call.  We can do a safety check on all the wiring and box that supports the ceiling fan and get the fan installed.  It is always a good idea to have a licensed electrician install the ceiling fan for you.  He would be able to spot possible problems that could save you from damaging your home or your new ceiling fans.  Call today for a free estimate – 469-261-1503