Exhaust fan problems in Frisco

Posted on March 3, 2010

A current customer in Frisco was having a problem with her exhaust fan not working properly.  She tried everything that she could think of to fix the problem, but nothing worked.

The Frisco resident called us out to fix the exhaust fan for her.  Once the electrician got to the Little Elm house, the customer showed him the problem she was having with the exhaust fan.  After a short time of talking to the customer and examining the exhaust fan the electrician determined that the motor in the exhaust fan had gone bad.  The electrician was able to change the motor in the exhaust fan and it works properly.

If you are having a problem with exhaust fans not working, give us a call.  Our electricians can diagnose the problem and get the problem corrected for you.  We service Little Elm, Frisco, Plano and all surrounding cities.  All work done by our company comes with a one year warranty.  Call today!