Frisco Electrician

Posted on March 3, 2010

A customer of ours that lived in Prosper moved to a new house in Frisco. She went out and bought some light fixtures and ceiling fans to put in her house because she did not like the ones that came with the house.  She bought a new chandelier for her front entry way.  The entry way is about 20 feet high. 

When the electrician took down the existing chandelier he checked the wiring and support box.  Every thing was in good shape.  After the electrician got the chandelier hung the customer decided that she wanted the chandelier to be a little higher.  So we took off a few links in the chain and then rehung the chandelier.  It was right where she wanted it.

 She also bought a new ceiling fan with a light kit to go into the family room.  Again we took down the existing fan and checked the wiring and support box.  The support box was not in good shape.  We took out the old support box and installed a new box.  Once the fan was installed we balanced the ceiling fan so it would not shake with it was on.  Since the new ceiling fan had a light kit on it she needed another switch added so she can control the lights separately from the ceiling fan, so we installed a fan control/dimmer switch.  This was she can adjust the fan speed and light levels to her personal settings.

With the new vanity lights going into the bathrooms, we had to first take down the old light fixtures, check the wiring and support box for safety.   

She also bought several surface mount light fixtures to mount on the wall going up the stairs.  There was not power where she wanted the light fixtures to be so the electrician had to run a dedicated circuit to the stair well area for power.  Once that was done he installed support boxes for the light fixtures to mount to and was able to install all the light fixtures where she wanted them and put the light fixtures all on the same circuit.  A dimmer switch was added so she can control the light fixtures. 

She even bought some coach light fixtures to go on to the front of her house on each side of the garage.  One light fixture existed on one side of her garage but not the other.  The electrician had to run wires across the attic and down the inside of the wall to get the power to where the new coach light was to be installed.  Once the power was there the electrician installed a support box and mounted the coach light fixture. 

The Frisco customer was very pleased with the work that had been done.  She will call us when she has purchased more light fixtures for her home.  If you have a chandelier, ceiling fan, coach lights, or any other light fixtures that needs to be installed give us a call.  We can take care of all your electrical needs.  We offer free estimates.  Not only do we service Celina but Aubrey, Prosper, Little Elm, Frisco, Plano and all surrounding areas.  Call today.