Little Elm Electrican

Posted on February 2, 2010

A new customer in Little Elm bought some new chandeliers and pendent lights for her house.  Once she got them all together she called us out to get them all installed.

The Little Elm resident wanted a new chandelier installed to take the place of the existing chandelier.  When the electrician took down the existing chandelier he checked the wiring and box for safety.  Once it met our high standard of safety, he then installed the new chandelier.  Once the installation process was complete he checked that the chandelier was working properly.

She also wanted a pendent light fixture to hang over the kitchen sink.  This will give her better light in that area.  There was no power in this location so the electrician has to run wires to that location for power and install electrical box to hand the pendent from.  The electrician also installed a dimmer switch to control the pendent light fixture.

A chandelier over kitchen island.  The Little Elm customer wanted a chandelier over the island in the kitchen.  The existing box was not centered in the location that the customer wanted the chandelier to hang.  So the electrician had to move the electrical wiring and electrical box in the ceiling to the proper location.  Once the electrician got all that moved he hung the chandelier and tied it into the existing switch.

While there the customer had the electrician install a whole-house surge suppressor.  The surge suppressor was installed next to the electrical panel.  This will protect the customer’s house and electronics against power surges either from lightning strike or from the power company.

If you have chandeliers, ceiling fans, pendents lights, or a surge suppressor that needs to be installed, give us a call.  No matter how hard the project we can get it done….and done right.  We serve Little Elm, Frisco, Plano and all surrounding cities.