Frisco Electricians and Light Fixtures

Posted on February 2, 2010

An existing customer of ours in Frisco bought new light fixtures for their home.  She bought a new ceiling fan that she want to be hung from a 20 foot ceiling.  A new chandelier that is to be installed in the foyer.  And new chandelier for the dinning room and a chandelier that she wanted to be hung over the bath tub.

On the day of her scheduled appointment the electrician started with the ceiling fan from the 20 foot ceiling.  The electrician took down the existing chandelier, checked the existing electrical wiring and box in the ceiling. Once he determined that everything was safe the electrician then installed the down rod for the ceiling fan and hung the fan.

Next the electrician moved to the chandelier in the front foryer.  He took down the existing chandelier, checked the electrical wiring and box for saftey and then installed the new chandelier.

Then the electrician started working on the new chandelier for the dinning room.  There was already a chandelier there so the electrician had to take down the existing chandelier, check the electrical wiring and box for safety and the installed the new chandelier.

Last the electrician had to install a chandelier over the bath tub.  Before he started the installation process he took measurements to make sure that the chandelier would not hang down to far and that it was not violating any electrical codes.  Because there was not an existing light fixture there, the electrician had to run power to that location.  The electrician was able to pull power from a GFI outlet through the attic to the location where the customer wanted the bathroom chandelier to hang.  He also had to install a dimmer switch to control the light fixture.

If you have chandeliers, ceiling fans, or any other light fixture that needs to be installed, give us a call.  We can get all your lighting need taken care of.  We service Frisco, Plano, Little Elm and all surrounding areas.  All work done by our electricians comes with a one year warranty.  Call today.