Celina Custom Lighting

Posted on February 2, 2010

A customer in Celina went out and bought a bunch of new light fixtures for her house and wanted us to install them all.  She bought new light fixtures for the front entry, family room, bathrooms, stair well, and office.  she also bought light fixtures to go on each side of her garage.

The Family Room – The electrician installed a ceiling fan and some directional recessed can lights that shine down on the mantle above the fire place.

Front Entry – The electrician took down the existing chandelier, checked all the wiring and suport box.  Every checked out safe so he mounted the chandelier.

Bathroom – The customer wanted all vanity lights in all the bathrooms replace with the new ones.  Once the electrician took down the existing vanity light he checked the safty of the wiring and support box before installing the new vanity light.

Stair Well – This part was a bit harder because there was no existing light fixture.  The electrician consulted with the Celina home owner about where she wanted each light to be installed.  Once the electrician got a clear picture of what the customer wanted he was able to run a dedicated circuit to the stair well area to feed the new wall sconces.  The electrician had to run the wiring in the wall to each location.  Then he installed a support box in the wall to mount the light fixture to and installed the light fixtures.  To also had to install a switch to control  the new light fixtures.

The Office – The electrician install a new ceiling fan and a new fan control switch.  With the new switch she can control the fan speed and the light kit sepratly.

Garage – The customer wanted to have big coach light fixture installed on both sides of the garage of her Celina home.  There were no existing light fixtures or power already there so the electrician ran a dedicated circuit across the attic to the location of where she wanted the coach lights to be installed.  The electrician installed all the wiring, installed both coach light fixtures and had to also install a switch to control the new light fixtures.

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