Carrollton Custom Lighting

Posted on February 2, 2010

A new customer in Carrollton called us out to do some electrical work at her house.  She was given our name & number by her neighbor.  She was so happy with the work that we did at her neighbors house that she kept our business card and called with she had purchased the light fixtures she wanted us to install.  She had us install a new outdoor light fixture on her front porch under the eve.  She did not like the light fixture that came with the house. 

The light fixture that the electrician installed in the place of the old light fixture that was 20 ft up.  The light fixture hung from a chain and directed the light to the area in te surrounding area of her front door.  She said that she wanted more light there to see who is at her front door at night when someone knockes on her door.  Once the electrician got the old light fixtures down he checked the wiring and support box to make sure that every is safe.  Once the safty was checked he installed the light fixture.  The Carrollton customer also had us install a new outlet in the laundry room for a new washing maching that she had just purchased.

If you have a light fixture that needs to be installed or need a new outlet / plug then call today.  We can have all your project completed in no time at all.  We service Carrollton, Frisco, Little Elm , Plano and all surrounding areas.