Allen Custom Lighting

Posted on February 2, 2010

An existing customer in Allen called us today to have us install some custom lighting in and around his house. the Customer bought a few surface mount light fixtures and some coach lights to go on the outside of the house on each side of the garage.

 The customer had a fluorescent light fixture in his kitchen that he wanted to have replaced with recessed can lights.  The electrician took down the fluorescent light fixture, laied out the can lights and showed the customer where the can light would be installed in the ceiling.  The customer was happy with the placement. The can lights were then installed.  The customer also had us install a few surface mount light fixtures thought out the house in the halls.  We installed a ceiling fan in the master bedroom and 2 coach lights on the brick on both sides of the garage.

If you have light fixtures or ceiling fans that need to be installed, give us a call today.  We can also get rid of the ugly fluorescent light fixtures and replace it with recessed can lights.  We can take care of all your lighting needs.  Call now – 469-261-1503