3-way switch in Little Elm

Posted on February 2, 2010

A new customer in Little Elm called us today because he tried to install a 3-way switch by himself in the living room.  He said that he thought that it would be easy to install and would take no time at all to finish.  Well once he got the old switches out and tried to install the new switch he wired them up wrong and ruined the 1st set of switches that he bought.  At this point he decieded to call in a professonal to complete the project.

Once the electrician got to the Little Elm house he was able to get the 3-way switchs installed properly.  While installing the new 3-way switch the electrician checked the wiring in the electrical box for saftey. Every checked out safe and he was able to complete the project with a timely manor.

If you have a switch or plug / outlets that need to be installed give us a call.  We can make sure that the wiring is saft, up to code and that everything is working properly.  We serve Little Elm, Frisco, Aubrey, Prosper, Anna and all surrounding cities. Call today – 469-261-1503