McKinney Electrician

Posted on January 1, 2010

A long time customer of ours that lives in McKinney called is out because he was having a problem with dimmer switch and a ceiling fan not working properly.  He also needed to have outlets installed for his new microwave and new gas cook top.  Once the electrician got to the property and check out the ceiling fan and dimmer switch he was able to determine that the dimmer switch had gone bad and the ceiling fan had been mis-wired by the home owner.  We replaced the dimmer switch and corrected the wiring on the ceiling fan and everything is working properly now.  We also installed 2 plugs for the customer.  One plug for the microwave and another plug for the new gas cook top.  If you are having problems with switches or ceiling fan not working or need any extra outlets installed give us a call.  We can get all you electrical need taken care of in no time at all, and you will have peace of mind knowing that it was done correctly.  We service McKinney, Plano, Celina, prosper, Aubrey and all surrounding areas