Light Fixtures Installed In Frisco

Posted on January 1, 2010

An customer in Frisco that has been using our company for many years now called us out because she purchased 2 new ceiling fans, 1 pendent light fixture, and a new chandelier for the dinning room that she wanted us to install for her.  The two ceiling fans were replacing 2 existing ceiling fans that came with the house.  Once the electrician got the existing ceiling fans down he checked the wiring and electrical box in the ceiling for any possible problems or defects. Once the electrician determined that the wiring and box was safe he installed the ceiling fans, balanced and checked that both ceiling fan and light kits were working properly.

The customer wanted the pendent light fixture to be installed over the island in the kitchen.  There was no existing light fixture there so the electrician had to run power across the ceiling to the proper location over the island.  The electrician then installed a box to support the weight of the pendent light fixture and mounted the pendent light fixture to the box that is now secure in the ceiling.  After the light fixture was installed he made sure that is worked properly.

The new chandelier went into the dinning room.  Once the electrician took down the existing chandelier he checked the existing wiring and box.  It was at this point that he noticed a small nick in the wiring going to the chandelier and that the box was missing 2 supporting screws that held the box in the ceiling, and that the existing box in the ceiling was not able to support the extra weight of the new bigger chandelier.  He took out the box and installed a new box with better support to handle the extra weight of the new chandelier.  The electrician also cut the part of the wiring that had the kick in it and wired up the chandelier.  Once the chandelier was installed he checked to make sure that it work properly.

The small nick in the wiring and undersized support box in the ceiling are great reasons for you to have a licensed electrician install your ceiling fans, light fixtures and chandelier.  These are small items that could be easily over looked but have big consequences.  The nick in the wiring could cause the breakerthe chandelier is on to trip or the chandelier could flicker when on.  This could also damage the light fixture.  The under sized box would not have held the weight of the chandelier thus causing it to fall out of the ceiling onto the floor or table that is under it.  All of our work comes with a one year guarantee.  Call us today to safely install all your chandeliers, ceiling fans, and pendent light fixtures.  We also give free estimates.  Call Today – 469-261-1503