Electrician in Plano TX – Outlets not working

Posted on January 1, 2010

A new customer in Plano called today because she had lost power to multiple outlets in her dinning room and kitchen area when she unpluged a lamp to move it to a new location.  The Plano resident said that she did not notice that the plugs were not working at first, but when she tried to plug  in the toaster in the kitchen the outlet was dead.  She tried pluging the toaster into a different outlet in the kitchen but got the same result.

She was very happy that we were able to get to her Plano house very quickly.  Once the electrician was there she explained what had happened.  The electrician then proceded to investigate what the problem could be.  He first checked all the breakers in the breaker box.  All the breakers in the electrical panel were working fine.  In the “on” position and holding with out problem.  Then the electrician started checking the outlets that had no power.  The electrician then found a plug that had a wire that had become loose and seprated itself from the outlet.  Once the wire was reattached all the rest of the plug worked fine. 

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