Electrical Panel Replacement in Dallas

Posted on January 1, 2010

We got a call recently from an existing customer in Dallas because she was having problems with her breakers tripping.  Periodically her electrical breakers would trip at miscellaneous times duringthe day. She would reset the breakers in the electrical panel and some times the breakers would hold for a little while and other times she would have to try to reset the breaker several times before she could get the breaker to hold.   Todd went to her house to take a look at the breakers tripping.  Todd found that the inner components of the electrical panel had worn down and no longer held the electrical breakers in place safely.  This is why the electrical breakers kept tripping.  Once Todd installed a new electrical panel with all new breakers she had no more problems with tripping breakers.

If you are having a problems with your electrical breakers tripping this could be due to many different reasons. 1) The item plugged into the outlet could be defective.   2) The breaker in the electrical panel could be weak.  3) The component in the electrical panel holding the breaker could be defective and not properly holding the breaker safely.   4) There is a problem with the wiring some where.  Keep in mind that this is not always the case and you should call a licensed electrician to evaluate your specific circumstances.  Remember theses are just some of the reasons that a electrical breaker would trip .  This problem could be fixed in no time at all and your home could be saved from greater damage in the future.  Call now for your free estimate – 469-261-1503