Carrollton Electrician

Posted on January 1, 2010

A customer of ours that does back yard patio cover and kitchens called us out to a project of his in Carrollton.  He was turning a plain back yard into an out door kitchen with a little side area for a small table, chairs and fire place.  The customer wanted custom lighting for their new out door area.  We met with the customer to get a better feel of what they were wanting.  We installed 4 down lights that were mounted on each column.  We also installed a ceiling fan and some under cabinet light under the edge of their new BBQ area.  Along with the light fixtures we installed dimmer switches to control each area of lighting.  The columns were put on their own switch, the ceiling fan had it own switch and so did the under cabinet lighting.  We also ran speaker wires for future speakers.  The home owner later called us back out to install a plug and run all the wiring for the flat panel TV he wanted us to hang.  We work with the arbor builder during the building process so that we can hide the wiring and conduit.  Anything that was not hid by the arbor was painted to match the color of the wood.  The customer is very happy with the was his new arbor has turned out.  If you have any landscape, arbor or patio lighting or electrical that you need to have done, give us a call.  The estimate is free.  We also service the Plano, Frisco, McKinney areas