Replacing dryer cord in McKinney, TX

Posted on August 8, 2009

A referral came in from A #1 Air because a dryer was not working McKinney, TX.  The technician checked the dryer and it was fine.  The outlet that the dryer plugs into was not working correctly.  Sometimes it would work and other times it didn’t.  Todd checked the outlet and everything looked great so he checked the wiring between the dryer and the breaker.  All of that checked out fine too.  So then he checked the breaker that controlled the outlet / plug that controls the dryer and found that one of the wires that land on the breaker had come loose just enough to where some time it would connect and then pull away when it got hot.  He reattached the wire and now everything is working great.  We also installed a new outlet in a bathroom and hung a chandelier in the dining room and a fan in the living room.