Whole House Surge Protectors

Posted on July 7, 2009

Any device that has a digital display or draws electricity may turn into a magnet when lightning strikes near your home.

Even if lightning hits an electrical power line or transformer a half-mile away, it could send a surging spike down the power line that will take out everything in its path, including all your electronics.
This could amount to many thousands of dollars in damages, repairs, or replacement very quickly. Not to mention the hassle dealing with the insurance company to filing a claim.

Why take a chance? The only way to protect your entire house and all electronic devices in it is to install a whole house surge protector. These should be installed by a licensed electrician.

Lightning-generated electrical spikes can some times send a 200,000-amp jolt down the power line, instantly burning out any device that runs on electronic chips. The ultra-fine connections contained in microchips don’t stand a chance at handling that type of massive power.

That’s why an investment of a couple hundred dollars for a whole house surge protector makes so much sense. It protects your entire home and everything in it, ultimately saving you time and money.
The ultimate protection from anything larger than minor power surges, you’ll want to get a whole house surge protector.
These can be installed both in residential and commercial properties.