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Frisco Chandeliers Installed

Posted on June 6, 2010

A new customer in Frisco purchased a new chandelier for their entry way.  The existing chandelier hung from a 20 foot ceiling and was to be replaced with the new chandelier.  When the electrician got the Frisco customers’ home he put the chandelier together and took down the existing chandelier.  When the electrician checked the […]

Electrical for new ceiling fan in Plano.

Posted on March 3, 2010

A customer of ours that lives in the Plano area bought a new ceiling fan to go in her living room.  The new ceiling fan was replacing the existing fan that came with the house when it was built.  After the electrician took down the existing fan he checked the electrical wiring and fan box […]

Frisco Electrician

Posted on March 3, 2010

A customer of ours that lived in Prosper moved to a new house in Frisco. She went out and bought some light fixtures and ceiling fans to put in her house because she did not like the ones that came with the house.  She bought a new chandelier for her front entry way.  The entry way is about […]

Plano Ceiling Fans Installed.

Posted on March 3, 2010

An existing customer in Plano called us out to install 2 new ceiling fans that he had purchased.  One of the ceiling fan went into the living room and was replacing the existing ceiling fan that was already there.  While the electrician had the existing ceiling fan down he checked all the wiring and the box located […]

Frisco Electrican

Posted on February 2, 2010

A Frisco resident that has been using our services for a long time bought new closet light fixture.  She had the old pull chain style light fixture and was tied of having to find the chain in the dark to pull it  in order to get the light to come on. She called us out to […]

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